Chairman’s Message

Dear all,

Our heartiest greetings to all those having their direct and indirect involvement in conservation, promotion and uplift of lake inside and outside the country.

Water resource has been significant in development of any nation. About 71% of the earth surface is occupied by water. Oceans, lakes, wetlands, river, streams are some of the forms of water that act as an important resources for all living beings of nature.  History reveals development of human civilization is closely related to water shore.

Nepal is home to lakes of different size, shape, values and norms. The recent study of topographic map depicts existence of 5,358 lakes in Nepal .  Particularly the Himalayan region of the country occupies majority of lakes located inside the nation.  The lakes at Himalaya are also the major source of the rivers that flows inside the country. Lakes in Nepal have the highest potential to be exploited for cultural, social, tourism and agricultural development.

National Lake Conservation Development Committee (NLCDC) has been working as Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) concept developed by International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) that assist to understand and appreciate the characteristics of lakes to achieve sustainable management of ecosystem services through long-term commitment to improve Lake Basin governance. NLCDC has already established ILBM approach process and national lake strategy and forward to Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Government of Nepal for the execution. In addition, NLCDC works with the wise network of national and international wetlands and nature conservation organizations and always looks forward to receive continuous supports and suggestions in future collaborative activities.

NLCDC always welcomes positive comments and feedback for sustainable management and development of lake shore in Nepal.


Thanks and regards,

Nani Kaji Thapa