National Lake Conservation Development Committee (NLCDC) founded in 2007 under the Development Committee Act (2013) the Government of Nepal as a development authority under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Since then, NLCDC actively working on conservation and development of wetlands focuses on cultural and biodiversity indices for the tourism promotion in Nepal. Thus, the committee has been operating as a national body to develop, support and safeguards the lakes and wetland programs throughout Nepal.

The committee aims to encourage the locals to conserve and manage the lakes wisely and sustainably. NLCDC works with locals and organizes various livelihood enhanced programs to motivate them in lake conservation of Nepal.

NLCDC taking independent view of wetland conservation and development issues and provides an advice on aspects of wetland management to government authorities and other concerned organizations. Frequently, the organization release statements to implement the wetland conservation management plan to policy maker of the country.

NLCDC has prepared the first map based Lake Inventory during the strategic plan preparation Nepal and found 5,358 lakes in Nepal. Among the total 2,712 lakes (51%) are confined below 499m, and 2,111 lakes (39%) above 4,000m and only 535 lakes( 10%)  are distributed in the midhills ranging between 500 and 3,999m are found on the basis of altitude.

NLCDC follows the Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM) tool used for the sustainable management of lake and their basins and help to strengthening overall basin governance for the Himalayan Lake of the country.  For improving the overall basin governance require to strengthening Institution, Policies, Participation, Technology, Information and Finance of the basin areas. Therefore, NLCDC always works with the wise network of national and international wetlands and nature conservation organization