Vision : 

Conservation and development of lakes, ponds, daha and kunda having tourism, biodiversity, cultural and other values promotion and enhancement of livelihoods of communities in Nepal

Mission : 

National Lake Conservation Development Committee (NLCDC) is dedicated to explore the national integrity of lakes, ponds, daha and kunda and their surroundings through tourism promotional initiatives with participatory action of communities

Goal :

The goal of the committee is to develop the lakes and wetlands as major tourist destinations through conservation and development of lakes and wetlands without demolishing the integrity of the water resources and improve the livelihoods of the local people through direct and indirect involvement of the people around the lakes.

Objectives :

     To maintain and update the legal land ownership registration certificate of the lakes through
regular lakes inventory update in entire Nepal.

     To classify lakes according to tourism perspective.

     To identify the appropriate sapling according to the geological feature of lake’s area and plant
around it.

     To organize income generating activities to promote lake dependent target groups to enhance their

     To conduct the public awareness programs to disseminate the various values of lakes through
audio-video and other means of communication.

     To facilitate and coordinate with national and international organizations for study, research and               conservation programs in the lake and its surrounding areas.

      To give permission for the conduction of  the research, study and conservation programs in the
lakes and its surrounding areas to the national and international organizations and if required,
prepare and submit a field report to the concerned body.

     To regulate hotels, motels, resorts around the lakes and carry out study to minimize pollution of
the lakes and its surrounding areas.

     To collect the service tax from the lakes and wetlands users.

     To make the agreement of the land and other property of the committee and give it for lease.

     To work under the policies and plans of the Government of Nepal and conduct other necessary
activities for conservation of lakes.