Conservation and development of lakes, ponds, daha and kunda having tourism, biodiversity, cultural and other values promotion and enhancement of livelihoods of communities in Nepal

National Lake Conservation Development Committee (NLCDC)
is dedicated to explore the national integrity of lakes, ponds, daha and kunda and their surroundings through tourism promotional initiatives with participatory action of communities


The goal of the National Lake Conservation Development Committee is to conserve and manage lakes resources wisely and in a sustainable way with local people’s participation. The department also aims to put the conservation and management aspect of lakes conservation within the frame work of broader environmental management.


  • To consult Nepal government at formatting policy on protection and development of lakes.
  • To plan and implement program in coordination with related ministry under policy frame of protection and preservation of lake.
  • Identifying and publicizing religious and cultural importance of lake as well as develop lake as recreational and tourist destination.
  • To develop the resources of local income by framing appropriate program on management and uses.
  • Demarcating and recording of lake area and legally removing the encroachment around the lake territory.
  • To observe direct, follow up and co-ordinate development and other activity around lakes territory by preparing and overall scheme of development.
  • To stop or to make stop all the activities that affect negatively on environment, biodiversity and beauty of lake area.
  • To coordinate with national and international organization as per need on issues of protection and development of the lakes.