Policy and Advocacy

 After visiting, meeting, collaborating and discussing with  the focal groups, various concerned organizations and locals of forty districts  of Nepal, NLCDC has prepared the National Lake Strategy Plan.

During strategic plan preparation NLCDC has  prepared map based Lake Inventory that listed 5,358 lakes in Nepal and focused on ILBM approach for the  sustainable development of lakes. ILBM is a tool used for the sustainable management of lake and their basins developed by International Lake Environment Committee Japan (ILEC)  to strengthen the overall basin governance.

The plan has covered different issues and suggestions on various aspects such as Policy & Management (constitution, acts, regulations, policies, strategies, plans, manifestos, conventions etc) Natural Science (watershed, land use, biodiversity, inlets-outlets, hydrology, meteorology, physical-chemical parameters etc) Social Science (demography, livelihood, culture, traditions, tourism, and resource use such as drinking water, irrigation, energy etc.).